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The doberman has suffered from a previous image as a fearsome guard dog.  In fact with correct training they make a loyal pet.

*  large breed about 27inches as an adult in black and tan, brown, and blue. Life expectancy approx 10 years.

*  Ideally best homed with older children as toddlers tend to be knock over due to the dobermans excitable nature.

* Puppies can be homed with young children and trained together !!

* Need one hours exercise a day but will enjoy more.  Can be fair weather walkers.

* Loyal dogs who love to be in the company of people and love attention and lots of cuddles. In fact they will demand it !

* Can chew up to two years old due to teeth development 

* Little grooming required. 

* Need firm but fair consistent handling. They need to know you are in charge.  Can be sensative.

* Responsive to training and surprisingly make good pat and therapy dogs due to their love of people.

* Deep chested so care MUST be taken with feeding and exercise>