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Lurchers are one of the most common types of dog to be found in rescue centres.  They are a cross between a sighthound and any other type of dog, normally with long legs and slim body.  They can vary in height from whippet to greyhound size, be long, short and semi-long haired, with soft or rough fur.  On the whole lurchers are gregarious, and affectionate.

They often come from gipsy or travelling backgrounds.  Due to a poor diet and neglect they often have mange, bad teeth and are underweight, and because of this it is often difficult to establish the age of the dog.  Once re-homed they respond well to love and care.  They are usually used to children and travel well.  Indoors they are quiet and quite lazy, and often spend hours stretched out on a duvet on the floor, or on a sofa or bed if you let them.

When hounds meet other dogs they can sometimes rush up at full speed.   This can be confused with aggression, when if fact it means they are being friendly and want to play.

Size: Varies depending on the sort of cross.

Weight: A whippet cross can weigh as little as about 18kg, and a greyhound or deerhound cross, if large, could be as much as 35 kg.

Exercise: Varies - Hounds run in short bursts rather than extended runs.