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Staffordshire Bull Terrier

Staffies are tough strong dogs, needing owners who are in control of them. Although they are very affectionate they should not be allowed to become dominant. Tug-of-war games should be discouraged as it can make lead walking extremely tiring!
This breed of dog is one of the most common found in rescue centres. It is also one of the breeds most liable to be stolen. A recent survey (2005) found, over a twelve month period, there were 40,000 in rescues. Although Staffy puppies are very appealing potential owners should realise the commitment needed. Rescue adult dogs should be considered carefully for temperament and possible joint or skin problems.

Size: Male 14 - 16 inches Female: 14 inches

Weight: Male 27.5 - 37.5 lb (12.5 - 17 kg) Female 24 - 34 lb (11 - 15.5 kg)

Exercise: Medium